Tips & tricks

The rodents

The rabbit

Even if the rabbit is not a rodent, he has some characteristics that make him a pet with a rodent-like routine. Just like the hamster, most rabbits are omnivorous but will prefer plant products and should not be fed only with seeds. A carrot or large lettuce leaf a day is a good addition to his diet. However, unlike most rodents, rabbits are affectionate and will appreciate being flattered. Give him love and he will return the favor. Moreover, in some cases, some rabbits can live together in the same space.

The hamster

The hamster is a domestic animal that is very self-sufficient and is quite independent. They are animals who are timid but who will not hesitate to attack if they are provoked; so you have to be careful with your fingers and not be abrupt with him. He is curious and likes to explore his territory. In addition, it is necessary to moderate the amount of food given because the hamster would have to store his meal rather than eat it immediately. If you see this behavior, it is important to avoid cage modules such as pipes to avoid isolation. Finally, his cage needs to be cleaned and his litter changed regularly. With a little love and care, your hamster will be a pleasant companion to live with.

The guinea pig

The guinea pig is sometimes referred to as a « guinea pig » due to the species' past use as a laboratory animal; fortunately, public awareness will have set these adorable beasts free. Contrary to belief, this animal is rather clean provided it has an optimal environment: it must have water at all times and moderate its meals. He will also need to be entertained, for example by buying him a toy with which he can have fun. They are fearful and not brought to be aggressive, but can bite if provoked. Finally, it is possible to have two guinea pigs live together since these animals naturally have a group spirit.