Tips & tricks

The birds

The parrot (cacatoès, aras)

He is curious, active, very attached to his master and has amazing abilities. With patience, you can teach him a few words and teach him tricks. The parrot needs physical activities, attention and interaction with humans daily. He can not stand isolation or loneliness. If he is often alone, he runs the risk of becoming loud and displaying behavioral problems. Consider this choice only if you are often at home. Moreover, like most birds of the same family, he is not destined to spend his days in a cage. He must go out regularly. Warning: some parrots can sometimes be aggressive towards strangers and bite. And because such a bird can live for a very long time - sometimes over 100 years - it will be necessary to foresee for him a new master.

The parakeet

Despite its small size, it is indeed part of the parrot family. The wavy parakeet is among the most appreciated of its kind. It is an excellent pet bird. He is curious, playful, sociable, active and affectionate. He tames easily. Some parakeets can learn a few words. The parakeet is calmer than the large parrot. On the other hand, just like the parrot, he needs attention and companionship to be well. If you have to miss long hours every day, buy him a companion to avoid him boredom.

The lovebird

He is also part of the parrot family. Like them, he is curious, playful, active and endearing. He also needs a lot of attention and interaction with humans. It can sometimes be noisy. Although lovebirds normally live in pairs or in groups, it is not essential to buy them as a duo. The lovebird can live alone if you give him enough time. You will then become his inseparable! If not, buy two.

The finch and the canine

They are excellent singing birds, full of vitality. Independent, they do not seek the attention of humans as much as those of the parrot family. They do not tame easily. On the other hand, they are not very demanding. You will enjoy watching and listening to them. They sing a lot, but without being too noisy. Only problem: most of these birds love to vocalize at sunrise! This can be a disadvantage if you live in a poorly isolated house. Because they need little space, they are perfect for tight spaces. Ideally, buy two birds so that they can interact with each other.