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Shar Pei

The Shar-Peï is a very old breed of dog that would have been born in the coastal regions of South China. He is said to have come from the province of Guangdong, whose capital is Canton. It is particularly widespread in the city of Dah Let, in the same province.

This breed would be over 2,000 years old. In fact, ancient statuettes from the Han period (about 200 B.C. to 200 A.D.) representing this dog were found in excavations. Shar-Peï means in Chinese «sand skin», which corresponds perfectly to the texture of its hard and dry coat.

The Shar-Peï is a medium-sized dog, from 44 to 51 cm at withers. It has a short but compact silhouette. Its head with a fleshy muzzle is pleated with sunken eyes and small ears carried high and applied against the skull. Its body, also pleated, dips slightly forward. Its colors are black, brown, fire, beige and cream.

He is extremely gentle and sociable with people, especially with children. This quickly makes us forget that he is an excellent guardian. However, he has average intelligence. He defends his entourage with zeal, whether it is the house, the car or his master. Very sociable with other dog breeds as well as with cats, he loves company and is not lonely. He has a very developed sense of ownership.

This breed of dog has a moderate need for exercise. He does not like the rain to the point of preferring to do his needs very quickly instead of sitting around and exploring where he is. On the other hand, he appreciates walks, when they are done with those he loves.

The Shar-Peï is a dog that allows itself to wither if its master abandons or abandons it. Very sensitive to reprimands, he can sulk for a long time before regaining his joy.

Very reserved towards foreigners, he rarely lets himself be caressed during a first meeting.

Its life expectancy is generally between 11 and 13 years.

Source: Wikipedia