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Is Leftover Food Good For My Dog?

It is often very tempting to give some leftovers to your dog to please him without too much wondering if it is good or not for his health. However, this is not very recommended.

Today dogs are more and more prone to obesity. Why? Simply because dog food is too rich and unbalanced and because they do not exercise enough. But the most important source of fat comes from the “next door” and leftover meals that are sometimes given to them.

Why don’t you give your dog your leftovers?
1: The first reason is a medical reason: table scraps are often composed of food that is poorly digested by the dog, which can cause diarrhea but also more important digestive disorders, especially if your dog is young, old or in poor health.

Always avoid giving fruit, small bones that could puncture the stomach, ice, dairy products and spicy foods. The table scraps are not balanced: one day there will be a lot of protein, the next day more sugars… The composition will not fully meet your dog’s needs and he may suffer from certain deficiencies.

2: The second reason is education. The dog must respect your meal. In the wild, in a pack of dogs, the dominant eats first and the dominated then passes if there is anything left to eat. But if one dominated wants to feed himself before the others, the dominant would make him understand, not always kindly, that he is not welcome.

You must therefore respect the same rules at home, because your family also represents a pack! A dog who asks at the table is a dog who knows full well that he will get what he wants. Make sure he stays away when you’re at the table. He must not see you pouring the leftovers of a plate into his bowl or, worse, finish your plate!

Can a Dog Eat The Same Thing Every Day, All His life?
The dog perfectly supports an identical diet throughout its life. Brand-specific feeds (dog croquettes ideally) are on sale everywhere in large areas and at your veterinarian. These are perfectly adapted to the nutritional needs of your animal. They are simply different depending on your dog’s age: puppy croquettes, adult dog croquettes, senior dog croquettes.

Can You Still Give Some Leftovers/Treats to Your Dog?
In any case, it is better not to give her anything in addition to her daily diet, whether it is candy or table scraps. He does not have the same needs as you, and what seems good to you can be very bad for his health: this is especially the case of chocolate which, at a certain dose, is deadly for the dog.